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I got a headache. Don't know why.

Maybe work load made this.

It has been 10 months but my motivation for work slowly decrease.

Too many things to handle and I have to be caution in everything I do.

Always say to myself "you can do it" doesn't work anymore sometimes.

But still... ganbare... myself...

2 of my Fave

I seldom like idol that younger than me nowadays. But they're captivating my heart.
Who are they?

They are :
Chinen Yuri


Yamada Ryosuke

Actually, I like Yamada first. He is the most handsome in Hey Say Jump. He can look both kakkoi and kawai


But then I saw Chinen in Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata. He made me fall in love seeing him there. Don't know why. His acting is not that great. I can say that it is so-so. He is not the main character as well but I like him.

So now they are my favourite in HSJ and NYC. Actually I like seeing them in NYC. Chinen will have more portion. Because they are just three of them in NYC and 9 in HSJ. Yamada is quite a center in HSJ, Chinen is quite be centered too but I still fell it's not enough for him. So I like NYC better.

Last but not least, I have new program in my laptop that can make me edit picture. So I try to combine their pictures.
edit 1

"He caught my Eyes"

Few days ago I watched Johnny's Sport Day 2012. It was the first time I watch Johnny's Annual Sport Day.

In baseball section, I was amazed with Iwahashi Genki. He has caught my eyes.
There is Chinen and Yamada though as an overall captain for J-red and J-white. They are some of my fave idol in Johnnys. But in Johnny's annual sport day, Genki has caught my eyes. It is unfortunate, he wasn't chosen as MVP. Maybe it is because he gave his role to Kame. But he play great.

Now I would like to know him more. Hope I will find soon more info and performances about him ^^

Social network for yankee?

It is said that there is social network for yankees.
I thought that Japanese doesn't like yankees. They are delinquent right?
So I am quite surprise that there is something like that.

But it's quite good. Because it means that eventhough they're not that great, they are still human and need to be love ^^

Arashi's Wild at Heart Performance

I have watched Arashi's performance in Hey! Hey! Hey!. I will say that they are awesome. The dance is so awesome. I think the dance is a little bit different. But it is so cheerful, fun, and exciting.

The song itself has a fun rhythm. I found that Nino has a different aura in that performance. Somehow I saw that Nino is so cheerful and he really have fun with their performance. I usually see that Nino is quite half-heart doing some performance. I think he just do it because he have to. He seldom have fun himself. But in yesterday performance I saw he really have fun himself. He smile a lot. It makes him more handsome. Kakoiii.... He makes me love him more with his performance.

Usually I see him smile but his eyes aren't. But in that performance he really smiles even with his eyes.

His dance is superb too. He looks so excited.

He can be so playful in stage. He was playing with Sho when its Ohno and Jun's turn. He played the standing mike to sho.

They looked like playing

It really look so fun. They perform but they also entertain themselves. Awesome...

First entry ^^

This is my first entry. Actually, I don't know what I want to write.

I make an account in Live Journal because of Arashi ^^

I like Arashi's performances. I like watching their variety show. I used to stream all of their videos. But just a few of them is being subbed. I can't speak Japanese. Just know a few of words. Then one of my friends said that there are many Arashi's variety show videos in Live Journal. I have to make an account on there. So here I am, make on account to download Arashi's videos. 

I'm so thankful with all of you that make sub for Arashi's videos and share it with us, fans non Japanese. Without them, I can't watch Arashi's performance and I won't know how great they are. All of them are suteki ^^

I will try to learn Japanese and I hope one day I can master Japanese and make sub for Arashi's videos. So it will be my time to help other that can't speak Japanese but want to know more about their idol ^^



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